BetSys - Retail solution

Retail solution

  • Central control of entire network.
  • Various sizes of terminals (All in one, kiosk, countertop, etc.).
  • Comprehensive branch equipment.
  • Easy integration into other platform.
  • Branch network connected via VPN to ensure maximum security of the data transfer.
  • A backed-up central server and database for running branches ensure that all data continuity.
  • Easy installation BetSys software on your existing POS.
Retail solution from BetSys

Central control of entire network

Comprehensive branch network solution for betting companies. More than 1500 installed POS on a regulated market.

  • Agent system and Loyalty program for employees of branches.
  • Tested on a single network of 800 terminals on a regulated market.
  • Every single branch is connected to the central risk management.
  • Real-time odds in each branch = ability to control everything from one place (central place). You can even manage it by region or by branch.
Retail solution
BetSys - POS terminal


Simple working operation

  • All in one touch screen terminal with second fully graphical customer display.
  • Integrated printer, RFID card reader and the latest 2D scanner allowing QR code reading, including from mobile telephones, as well as scanning tickets and ID cards.
  • Simple operation with a maximum on efficiency and speed of placing a bet.
  • Latest Mobile Celeron CPU applied (22 nm, third generation Ivy Bridge) gives 2 times more performance the previous Gen system.
  • High resistance to shocks - Fan less system, SSD included.
  • Large RAM available (Up to 16 GB)
  • Flexible connectivity to any peripherals 6xUSB, 4xRS-232, 1x Parallel, LAN, Drawer port, etc.

Premium software for bookmakers.

Over 60 million games transactions per month, verified by operators on regulated markets.

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BetSys - POS terminal


Unique system of self-service betting kiosk

  • Logging operators and players using RFID chips.
  • Checks ticket with barcode readers.
  • Pay outs and registration of players with the operator.
  • Prints tickets.
  • Option accounts accept banknotes and coins.
  • Touch screen.
BetSys - POS terminal
BetSys - Verifone for POS

Light countertop POS – registration application

  • A countertop device is a very compact device with a full range of connectivity options, from dial-up and Ethernet to GPRS, with an optional battery. It even has a thermal printer for receipts and a card reader.
  • This is a reliable, rugged countertop device that is built on the latest technologies. It han-dles encryption, decryption and processing at lightning speeds thanks to its powerful pro-cessor and expandable memory. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative pay-ments.
  • A uniquely designed communication port area underneath the device keeps countertops neat and free of clutter.
  • It is perfectly suited for the pay-in and pay-out process as well as verification of pre-registered clients.
BetSys - Digital Signage


  • Digital signage - API for external systems like LCD viewers in branch, teletext, TV, etc. Perfect for supporting LIVE.
  • Virtual sports integrated – from Kiron Interactive. Accepting bets and showing the offer are supported as well.
  • Application allows output to up 5 external monitors for displaying offers, results, etc.
  • Possibilities to connect with on-line application, pre-registration, in pay to on-line account, preparation of tickets, etc.
BetSys - Digital Signage

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