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Betsys provides a full spectrum of sports betting software on the regulated market. We are the largest supplier of sportsbetting solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services that are needed to cover the full spectrum of betting (sports betting, live, retail, virtual sports, casino). From equipment for offices and registration offices, to wagering applications for bookies, to online betting and online games.

In case the sports are managed manually, it is possible to prepare a new sport, new markets, new events and new criteria for the settling in one Administration tool. Importing odds from external sources (Betradar, Betgenius, etc.) is an important part of the offer. This is described in subsequent chapters.

Currently, 47 sports are covered for pre-match (manually managed or imported from external sources).

LIVE (in-play) betting has its own separate offer of sports. It currently supports 20 sports (manually managed or imported from external sources), some of which are unique, such as snooker, ski jumping and other winter sports. This allows us to make the offer very exclusive and competitive. LIVE sports usually have a specific design on the front-end portal, so new sports are usually prepared in collaboration with bookmakers, graphic designers and programmers.

Odds management

Betsys supports a fully-managed process for preparing a sports offer. Comprehensive work-flow provides a fully-automated process for creating sports, regions, leagues and teams from external sources of sports data like Betradar. Of course, it also allows for almost unlimited manual access and correction at each step of the workflow, as well as fully manual access when creating an offer.

Risk management

The risk management used in Betsys is not just one tool or module, but rather a combination of rules, functions and settings focused on preventing the harmful behavior of clients, catching improperly set odds and discovering client advantages that are not allowed.

The principle of risk management is to check every ticket for risk-threshold limits; if some limits are fulfilled, then this ticket goes to the authorization process. In the authorization process, bookies manually decide whether or not they will accept the ticket. They may also edit the odds, set up new risk limits or adjust the threshold limit value.

Payment management

Betsys will provide software and services that allow players to transfer funds to and from the e-wallet by each payment mechanism available, including but not limited to POS, online deposit, credit card and bank transfer. The Betsys system already supports more than 15 different payment methods, including a wide variety of credit and debit cards, e-wallet, bank transfer, mobile payment and others.

Player account (Client) management

The proposed Betsys system will provide all Player Account Management (PAM) functions necessary for players to create accounts, fund accounts, wager with funds, receive winnings and withdraw available funds. This will be managed with the highest level of integrity with respect to age verification, identity verification, fraud management and responsible gaming standards.


The CRM module in Betsys allows inspection, evaluation and notification of client behavior.

The module also monitors communications with clients, generates messages for clients, and generates exports to other communication channels. Clients can then categorize and report everything manually or automatically according to a predefined dose or "real-time".

The module works with an extensive and detailed database, updated regularly, which contains knowledge about clients.

The client categories could be used in the system (according to the deployed function) for a loyalty program, risk-management, management of specific content, etc.

Marketing management

The ability to attract and retain players will be fundamental to sales success. Strong marketing campaigns proven in other internet gaming environments and customized to the client will attract players, while exciting games launched from a scalable, robust gaming system, and readily available via online channels accessible through devices players currently use, will keep them engaged. Closing the loop on player retention, the client and its partner will have to deploy strategies that reward players for their participation and make them feel valued as they engage in sports betting offerings.

Betsys has vast experience in this area, gained from managing such services for many of our customers, which has resulted in effective modules and methods in the Betsys system that will enable us to accommodate the client while exciting games l support their efforts at corporate marketing, as well as develop games and incremental feature modifications over the course of the contract.

We will provide relevant recommendations, information analysis, options and ideas to assist the client’s staff in determining their best course of action. In addition, the designated bonus program and other resources throughout the organizations are readily available for strategic planning sessions, game planning meetings, special events, research initiatives, or for any other purpose aimed at increasing sales.

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