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A software system for betting on electronic horse races. It offers a unique combination of 24h operation and betting on real film footage of races. The race is displayed at regular intervals, most commonly every 10 minutes (the interval can be chosen). On the basis of the sums wagered, a race which corresponds to a defined payout is drawn. The selection is made from more than 1,300 real races from throughout Europe. Each race of eight horses comes with commentary in many languages, and is accompanied by sufficient guidance information, such as jerseys, starting numbers and starting boxes, for players to get a better bearing. The race is cut to a length of approx. 3-4 minutes.

The races can be displayed with sponsor or game operator logos.

The web application allows player registration and playing against a games account. The solution includes basic administration for an overview of races bet on, defining the payout.

It also supports connection to current operator games player databases through API.

Another extension of the web version is a branch version with LCD displays and races playing on them. Perfect entertainment for betting shops and sports bars.

The application can be individually adjusted graphically according to the client’s wishes.

Key benefits:

  • Over 1,300 real races every 10 minutes
  • Commentary in a number of languages
  • Graphics adjustment to the needs of the operator (logos in recordings, portal graphics)
  • Payout can be set
  • Solo, combi bets, precise or free order
  • Can be expanded to branch or kiosk version

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