Certified system for betting over the internet.

Robust online betting portal solution which is fully modular and allows for simple connection to other parties’ applications (plug-ins) within one system, such as Casino, Poker, virtual sports, etc.

The application foundation is regularly extended and uses the latest trends, JavaScript technology, responsive design, push data, server clusters, etc.

We have more than 15 years of designing web portals and online applications behind us, meaning we can implement portals for sports betting with maximum UX tuning and sophisticated ergonomic control, with an emphasis on usability. This is what makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful web project.

Simple performance scaling and data caching results in great robustness at peak times, and means it can be used on sites with high visitor numbers. Verified loads of more than 10,000 actively connected clients in real time, or more than 2.5 million unique visitors per month.

Full customized frontend

The Betsys solution is not just a template which is coloured according to corporate identity. A web portal must follow trends, must be unique in some way. We are preparing a website tailored to your needs.

Main front-end properties:

  • HTML5 with responsive design
  • Intuitive and ergonomic design with smooth operation
  • Optimized for high traffic
  • Scalable performance with deployment in a cluster and cash contents
  • High security confirmed by prestigious penetration tests (DCIT)
  • Integration with other systems – Betradar, Trefik, news, rates of central banks
  • Multi Payment gateway for payments
  • Specific functions for gaming
    • Preparing e-tickets
    • Registration of players
    • Marketing tables of popular sports
    • Bestsellers of popular sports
    • Many types of tickets (System bets, Safe bets, Accumulated)
    • Bonus accounts
    • Points systems
    • Integrated Affiliate programs
    • Vouchers
    • Newsletters
    • Graphs with trends in odds
    • Sending a ticket to a friend
    • FCB sharing and many others

Content Management System (CMS)

Multilanguage tool for managing content. Proprietary solution adjusted to the needs of sports betting. More than 100 deployments and 10 years of development.

Key features of the system

  • Manages multiple portals in one administration
  • A unique system which allows content elements to compose any page in the template directly in the administration
  • A sophisticated set of rights and roles at the level of individual elements
  • Logging of all transactions in the system
  • Special elements of marketing channel management
  • Publishing workflow
  • Support for a portal to have one publication of information (pages) in multiple places
  • High security portal to have one publication of information (pages) in multiple places
  • Score Site CMS is its robustness, performance, scalability and reliability for deployment everywhere where a greater burden is expected
  • Publishes data from various sources (CMS, intranet, third-party sources, storage of documents)
  • Aggregates and transmits content (mobile applications, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, RSS )
  • Enables single sign-on interaction and visitors (chats, discussions, polls, competitions, searches, …)
  • It extends the functionality of the site-specific features (e-shops, reservations, group discounts, internal applications, ...)
  • Tools to manage content and allow for further expansion of marketing (SEO, cool url, statistics, …)

Responsive HTML5 design

Compared to competitors, we do not use outdated Flash technology, but rather modern HTML5 and a Google Closure JavaScript framework.

This responsive design is a new technology in HTML development that allows websites to be adapted to various browser and screen sizes. The CMS system and the portal fully support these functions.

This is a great advantage when the application is used on a tablet, mobile or other device where the size of the screen is optimally utilized.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The first part of SEO deals with the CMS setting of values used for each page. The parameters set here will incorporate into meta tags for each page. 

The second part concerns the HTML templates and correct setting of the document’s structure. Both are fully supported.

Responsible gaming

We have implemented various responsible gaming tools and mechanics to meet different regulatory standards, and have provided players with a sophisticated self-exclusion tool that offers them an easy way to manage their gaming habits.

Responsible gaming in the Betsys system meets European standards. The following have been implemented:

  • Tests of pathological gaming
  • Exclusion from a game for a certain period of time

Setting of financial limits

  • All settings are recorded in the history of an account. Rules for changing a setting have been implemented (24 hours, etc.).

Betsys in numbers

What we are proud of

100+ in house developers.

120 mil.Game transactions on a monthly basis

21Years of experience

3Branches: Prague, Brno, Katowice


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