Live betting

Let´s players bet anytime, anywhere, and for any match.

LIVE Offer and management

Currently, 20 sports are supported, some of which are unique worldwide such as downhill skiing, speed skating, ski jumping, etc. This allows for the formation of an exclusive and competitive sports portfolio.

More than 15,000 LIVE matches per month available in portfolio

The integration of leading suppliers of odds data feeds allows you to arrange a unique portfolio of in-play sports. Simply choose which ones.

Supported are Betradar, Betgenius, Betsys Live Source (BLS) and Lsports, but you can also arrange your own LIVE matches with your bookies team.

Option of your own matches using the LIVE odds editor

If you want to arrange your own matches, e.g. from regional leagues, and/or add further side bets to external matches to differentiate yourself from your competitors, take advantage of the unique LIVE odds editor which, with its combination of automatic and manual controls, allows you to edit odds and events in the game.

You can modify the unique odds calculation model, based on statistical calculations and the course of games, with many parameters.

The result is a unique portfolio which will give you a competitive advantage. These functions are extremely attractive, especially for regulated markets.

LIVE Web portal

  • Interface in a unique manner that allows quick operation
  • Web portal, based on modern responsive HTML5 (non-flash), can also run on Apple (iPad).
  • Connected with the pre-match CMS. One source less work.
  • Extended for the mobile version – LIVE HTML5 mobil, iOS APP, Android APP
  • Pro LIVE screenview – optional special API for connecting external LCD viewers at the Shops showing the actual game state, odds, etc.
  • LIVE TV stream – integrated Video transmissions from Perform, Sportsman/Unas and more.
  • Livetracker from Softnet – statistics and events presented during the game on an animated playground
  • Chat with advanced system of word checker is available.

Responsive HTML5 design

Compared to competitors, we do not use outdated Flash technology, but rather modern HTML5 and a Google Closure JavaScript framework.

This responsive design is a new technology in HTML development that allows websites to be adapted to various browser and screen sizes.

This is a great advantage when the application is used on a tablet, mobile or other device where the size of the screen is optimally utilized.

Mobile APP

The most progressive channel in sports betting is LIVE in mobile applications. The annual increase in the volume of LIVE mobile bets is greater than 300%.

Thanks to the BetSYS mobile LIVE application for iOS, Android and HTML5, you can offer your clients the opportunity to play anywhere, including video streaming, notification and individual customisation.

The sports mobile application can be individually modified, and not just in terms of graphics.

The mobile application can work separately, although it is easy to connect it to existing third-party platforms.

You can find out more about mobile technologies HERE.

Push technology – a step ahead in data transfer speeds

LIVE games are unique for their very frequent changes to odds, results and new markets. In order that the client can immediately have all current data at hand, we use PUSH data transfer, which synchronises changes in games only in the background, instead of the complete data, and it does this in real time. This means everything is always up to date and, at the same time, the amount of data sent is minimised, which is particularly important for mobile applications. The average period for updating has been reduced to less than 1 second, and the volume of data transferred has decreased by 70% compared to older technologies.

Mobile notification messages on the state of the match

Notification messages on the results and course of LIVE matches, as well as information on winning tickets, can be sent by Push notification to mobile telephones. Push notifications are one of the most effective marketing activities which can be used to persuade clients to play. According to surveys, more than 90% of notification messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent, and this allows you to keep clients in contact with the match and your application even when they are not actively following the match.

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