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Are you interested in sports? Would you like to see under the cover of how to prepare rates for sports matches? Are you not afraid of developing software that has more than five million visits per day? Do not want to do one-off projects that end quickly and do not like startup's uncertainty? If you are not attracted by corporations and you are looking for a smaller, cool team, join us!


You will be developing a project from the scratch, we are before big challenge to build completely new application (with prematch and live sports betting) website in JavaScript for one of the biggest Sports betting provider in the Central Europe market. On the application we are using the full power of technologies/frameworks like Angular 7, Storybook, NgRx, RxJS also methodologies like Component Driven Design and Scrum


  • Angular 7 - using the full power of Angular, we have one component library that is used and configured across multiple projects (Component Driven Design)
  • Storybook
  • Tests - e2e and unit testing (Jest)
  • TypeScript
  • SASS and HTML 5
  • NodeJS
  • Webpack
  • GIT (Gitlab)
  • Docker, CI & CD


  • Automatic testing and release process are as important to us as development from separate development environments (local, QA, UAT, production) through Test Automation (CI) to a stand-alone test team.
  • We believe that the code review will improve you and, in time, you will be able to help improve others. Of course, versioning in GIT (Gitlab with all features).
  • To prevent operational problems, we are interested in the status of systems, deploy monitoring tools (, site24/7).
  • We work in agile development (SCRUM) with two-week sprints.
  • Deploy Application Servers in the Docker.
  • Programmers are involved in the design of the application, and we take the developer's opinion as important as business requirements.


  • We work on our own in-house product, which we deploy to clients. We are looking for a comprehensive view and long-term solution quality from design to implementation.
  • We work in smaller teams, the atmosphere in the team is key to us.
  • We are the biggest provider of sports betting software in Central Europe. We offer a comprehensive range of products that are needed to cover the complete sports betting services (odds calculations, odds betting, live betting, affiliates, virtual sports).


  • Homeoffice.
  • Work with new technologies.
  • Mobile and notebook.
  • Professional and career growth.
  • Pleasant environment and strong business backgrounds (no open space in the business center).
  • Location: Betsys Czech Republic Sladkovského náměstí 1, or Betsys Poland sp. z oo, Porcelanowa 8, 40-246 Katowice

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